Yore Bottle

Not Beer.

Not Wine.

Not Cider.

This is Mead.

Why make Yore?

Against the backdrop of cider’s continued rise in popularity and the resurgence of ‘craft’ beers, the flicker of an idea began to form.

What if we could re-establish the long, rich history of mead but with a refreshing, modern twist..?

The flicker of an idea fanned into flame and Yore mead was born.

Who makes Yore?

What started as an educated hunch, has snowballed into a full-on mead revolution; raising eyebrows the world over.

Never one to rest on our laurels, we knew that Mead had the potential for so much more than merely a nostalgic nod to days of yore.

The trials were extensive but fortunately we like inventing here at the Lyme Bay Winery, especially when the waters are so uncharted, and after months of fine-tuning, we cracked it.

What makes Yore?

Our founding principles were humble but timeless – we wanted to use only honey, water, and natural ingredients. No grapes, no apples; just honey.

The winning recipe – a blend of Mexican honey (from the Baja Peninsula desert flowers for rich, dark, caramalised notes) and Chinese honey (polyfloral honey, with a lighter, delicate note to balance) mixed with a little water and then fermented in our state-of-the-art winery.

How is Yore different?

After the fermentation, the mead is then balanced with English wildflower honey, rounding off the mead with a light barley-sugar note in a typically understated, English manner.

The end result? Genre defining. A lightly carbonated, refreshing (4% ABV), moreish drink that provides a genuine, and gluten free, alternative to beer and cider.

Yore Sparkling Mead. A new chapter.

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